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The Renaissance Show

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“What they play and how they do it is impossible to classify by any known style of music. They blend folk, jazz, baroque, avant-garde, electronic music, and they do it so skillfully and organically that one gets a feeling of having just witnessed the creation of an entirely new music style. Beautiful and captivating!”

V. Licht, Vesti, Israel

“An exciting and unforgettable experience to lovers of all different types of music who appreciate professionalism and “nouveaute.”

Nautilus, Israel

“This evening will be unforgettable! These stars will perform for you jazz, classical, their own music, solo, duet; the tunes that will make us smile and laugh. Mark your calendars!!!! If you have tickets for other events, SELL them! You really do not want to miss this event!”

Empire of Arts, New York

The Renaissance Show

Elias Faingersh               trombone, live electronics, vocals
Uri Brener                        piano
Anton Dresler                  clarinets, live electronics
Reuven Ben Chanan       violin

“The Renaissance Show” has performed with great success in USA, Latvia, Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Israel. This unique group combines different styles and forms – from early baroque to modern jazz, with both electrical and acoustic sounds.  Their trademark is musical humor and the improvisational part of the show, when the musicians improvise on themes given by the audience.