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2023 - Uri`s piece "THE FLOW" for piano trio (Piano Trio Nr.3), was awarded the Third Prize at the KAZIMIERZ SEROCKI 18th International Composers’ COMPETITION. Along with two other awards, the piece was chosen from over 80 applications from allover the world. The piece will be recorded and broadcast on Polish Radio Channel 2 and then offered to the European Broadcasting Union. It will be performed by the members of the Hashtag Ensemble .

A piece `MAGIC CARPET` for viola da gamba & harpsichord was commissioned by members of the unique Israeli-Iranian cooperation project, Myrna Herzog, Israel (Viola da Gamba) and Mahan Esfahani, Iran/Czech Republic (Harpsichord), and premiered by the Duo at the Felicia Blumenthal Festival, Tel-Aviv, 2022. he piece is based on traditional Persian tunes. The piece was published by the Scodo (Universal Edition), Vienna. Now it is available as a single track on Spotify! Check it out HERE